Standard Guarantee

1.1 Nouvelle Cast Iron Cookware is covered by a 1 (one) year limited guarantee against manufacturing defects. 1.2 Guarantee shall only apply where cookware was used for domestic, non-commercial purposes, and where all care and usage instructions were carefully followed. 1.3 This guarantee shall cover manufacturing defects only, this includes casting voids, sag, cold pour, pinholes, blistering or faults considered to be manufacturing defects. This guarantee shall not cover damages due to misuse, abuse or normal wear and tear. Also expressly excluded are any stains, discolouration, scrapes, enamel chipping, corrosion or damages caused by overheating. Consequential damages are expressly excluded from this guarantee. 1.4 Nouvelle shall repair or replace qualifying claims under the terms of this guarantee at own discretion. Should the identical item no longer be available at the time of warranty claim it will be replaced with another item of similar value. If an item was part of a set, only the defective item will be replaced. Defective products must be returned by the customer to an address designated by Nouvelle at time of guarantee claim.